For my collaboration with Bud, I was asked to design a beanie and a limited edition jacket. The beanie is available at each Bud stockist throughout The Netherlands as of November 9th, 2020, featuring a 3D embroidered Bud ‘B’ with three additional patches and a woven label that can be applied based on personal preference. The ten varsity jackets are won only through a randomly selected raffle. They include overlapping chenille embroidery on the front and back of the coat and leather sleeves and wool body. They are numbered as well as custom embroidered with the raffle winners’ names. For the campaign images and look book, I worked closely with and collaborated with photographer Calvin Pausania.

Role: Direction & Graphic Design
Client: Bud
Agency: Wink
Photography: Calvin Pausania

Geef mij maar…

When Buutvrij for Life was asked to bring the hyper-local Amsterdam vibrancy to the attention of every person in The Netherlands, we created a tongue in cheek campaign — in proper Amsterdam dialect rarely seen in advertising. We released a nationwide campaign and created three TVC’s featuring satiric Amsterdam archetypes. It was awarded a National Art Directors Club Award for copywriting.

Agency: Buutvrij for Life
Role: Art Direction & Copywriting
Copywriting: Ralph Edelstein

Stedelijk Museum

Buutvrij for Life created StedelijkX. We asked 12 interesting young individuals from Amsterdam to host an audio tour past their favorite works in Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum. These guides were personal and short. Made by people with a busy schedule — for people with a busy schedule. 

Agency: Buutvrij for life
Role: Graphic Design & Art Directon

Tony Chocolonely
Tony’s Fair

Annual corporate meetings can be boring. That’s why Tony Chocolonely approached Buutvrij for Life — they turned the annual assembly into a party. 

Agency: Buutvrij for life
Role: Graphic Design & Art Direction

Red Bull
Office Smash

A Red Bull table tennis tournament for creative agencies and start-ups with a challenging playing field. 

Agency: Buutvrij for Life
Role: Junior Art Director

Buutvrij for Life
40 days fast

A creative solution to the 2014 economic crisis. Generating over 70% growth for the agency Buutvrij for Life while obtaining over €300.000 in free media publicity through social media and press attention. 

Agency: Buutvrij for Life
Role: Junior Art Director