Phuture Noize
Silver Bullet

Direction and design for Phuture Noize’s sophomore studio album Silver Bullet. Digipak, 12” gatefold vinyl and ten single covers — All covers are mixed media collages created with archive paper, tape, old school books, encyclopedias, and National Geographic magazines dating back to 1967. 

Role: Creative Direction & Design
Additional collages: Nathan Lewis

Yellow Claw

For the release of their single Amsterdamned — Yellow Claw wanted to create a comic universe. With Yellow Claw’s frontmen, Jim and Nils, telling the backstory of Yellow Claw through synonymous vampire lore set in modern-day Amsterdam. The animated music video serves as a prequel to the comic book released shortly after in their own comic book store — during Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) 2019. Accompanied by a merchandise series faithful to any comic saga, including action figures, clothing, mugs, skateboards, to name but a few.

I designed and directed the identity of the Amsterdamned universe overseeing multiple international creative teams.

Original Story: SIHK & Izzy VNGNC
Merchandise illustrations: Egon de Regt, Mickey Cohen, Errin Citra
Comic Book: Rhoald Marcellius, Sakti Yuwono, Jakaady
Music Video: Izzy VNGNC, TAMPAR Productions
Pop up store: Neefsteef

Ronnie Flex
Single Artworks

I created custom typography and designed the covers for Ronnie Flex’s singles: Heimwee, Givenchy Bag Remix and Tot We Vallen.

Role: Graphic Design
Photography: Mous Lamrabat
Creative Direction: Yousef Gnaoui
Client: Top Notch

Mike Cervello
Get Cerved

Identity and cover design for a series of Extended Players from Mike Cervello.  

Role: Direction & Design

Yellow Claw
Never Dies

Cover and vinyl sleeve design for Yellow Claw’s fourth studio album,‘Never Dies.’ 

Role: Art-Direction & Design
Creative Direction: Jim Taihuttu
Photography: Dennis Branko
Video: Daan van Citters

Logo & Cover

Direction and Identity design for Nanami and his debut album.

Role: Art-Direction & Design
Illustration: Egon de Regt

Barong Family
No Man’s Curse

Cover for Grandtheft’s single, “No Man’s Curse,” under the Barong Family label.

Role: Direction & Design
Illustration: Egon de Regt

Yellow Claw Mixtape XIII

Mixtape XIII cover for Yellow Claw

Barong Family
Danger Days EP

Cover for Yellow Claw’s, ‘Danger Days,’  EP released by Barong Family.

Role: Art-Direction & Design
Creative Direction: Jim Taihuttu


Halcyon Cover Description

On The Block EP

Cover design for Moksi’s 2019 EP release, “On The Block,” under Mad Decent. 

Role: Direction & Design

The Return of House Music

Design for Moksi’s debut album,  ‘The Return of House Music.’ I also created six single covers and a Remix EP cover.

Role: Direction & Design