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Puma X
Daily Paper

Branding for the collaboration between Puma and Daily Paper. The collection is inspired by Masai Warrior cricket teams.

Graphic Design: Tom de Regt
Art-direction: Abderrahmane Trabsini

Rein Kooyman

Identity for photographer Rein Kooyman’s debut exhibition, Restructured.

Video: Joey van het Woud
Interior: Rein Kooyman

Yellow Claw
Los Amsterdam

Merchandise collection surrounding the release of Yellow Claw’s sophomore album, ‘ Los Amsterdam.’ 

Role: Art-Direction & Design
Logo Design: Jay Sunsmith

Barong Family
Danger Days EP

Cover for Yellow Claw’s, ‘Danger Days,’  EP released by Barong Family.

Role: Art-Direction & Design
Creative Direction: Jim Taihuttu

Alpha Industries X
Daily Paper

I was approached by Daily Paper to work on the direction and graphic design for their collaboration with Alpha Industries. The collection concept tells the story of Zambian scientist Edward Nkoloso’s dream to build Zambia’s first-ever space program to visit the moon and send his so-called ‘Afronaunts’ to Mars. Despite his efforts to obtain funding from the Western world, his dream never became a reality. Nevertheless, Nkoloso gave his people the hope that no matter how big the vision, it was there for the taking. The MA-1 bomber jacket seeks to explore Nkoloso’s dream coming true by reimagining a unique iteration of the iconic MA-1 bomber jacket.

Client: Daily Paper & Alpha Industries
Role: Direction & Graphic Design
Art Direction: Abderrahmane Trabsini & Tom de Regt


For my collaboration with Bud, I was asked to design a beanie and a limited edition jacket. The beanie is available at each Bud stockist throughout The Netherlands as of November 9th, 2020, featuring a 3D embroidered Bud ‘B’ with three additional patches and a woven label that can be applied based on personal preference. The ten varsity jackets are won only through a randomly selected raffle. They include overlapping chenille embroidery on the front and back of the coat and leather sleeves and wool body. They are numbered as well as custom embroidered with the raffle winners’ names. For the campaign images and look book, I worked closely with and collaborated with photographer Calvin Pausania.

Role: Direction & Graphic Design
Client: Bud
Agency: Wink
Photography: Calvin Pausania