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Barong Family
Danger Days EP

Cover for Yellow Claw’s, ‘Danger Days,’  EP released by Barong Family.

Role: Art-Direction & Design
Creative Direction: Jim Taihuttu

Yellow Claw
Los Amsterdam

Merchandise collection surrounding the release of Yellow Claw’s sophomore album, ‘ Los Amsterdam.’ 

Role: Art-Direction & Design
Logo Design: Jay Sunsmith

Daily Paper

I worked as the lead graphic designer on the branding for Daily Paper’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection. 

For this collection Daily Paper drew inspiration from the colorful body decoration used by the Surma tribe. This expressive tribe inhabits the Omo Valley area in southern Ethiopia. Their resourceful usage of the territories flora and fauna has sparked many photographers from around the world. Dressing in twigs, flowers, leaves, and painting each other’s bodies with clay, they influenced Daily Paper to design their most colorful collection to date. 

Role: Graphic Design

Daily Paper
Flagship T-Shirt

I was asked to design a graphic for the opening of Daily Paper’s first flagship store in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The flagship store T-shirt has become an all time favourite among Daily Paper enthousiast and is a staple piece in their collection. The graphic is altered for every store, from pop-up’s in Africa to their New York store opening — showing the flag of the country or city and the address of the store. On multiple occasions it was used as a special invitation to an opening. 

Role: Graphic Design

Logo & Cover

Direction and Identity design for Nanami and his debut album.

Role: Art-Direction & Design
Illustration: Egon de Regt


Logo design and direction for DJ duo Moksi

Role: Graphic Design